Michelle Barge at Organic Contessa just posted a great review and Q&A with Nikki Vilella and Emily Stone on their new book Visvamitrasana: Volume 1 of the Sage Series.

In Michelle’s words:

As a yoga teacher thus a student, I am constantly reading and exploring literature and articles on yoga – the physical aspects and the yogic path – the more esoteric aspects.  I have also been that teacher that has lugged tons of books to retreats, classes and vacations, only to be weighed down and frustrated.  I have installed countless apps (and deleted) that don’t fit the bill, and watched and saved even more videos that take up space and are one-dimensional.

If I prayed for a book that would reinvigorate my practice, make me a better teacher, re-inspire me as a student and a teacher, plus teach me something new in a completely engaging way then Visvamitrasana: Volume 1 of the Sage Series is a prayer answered.

I was fortunate enough to sit with the team that collaborated on this effort, Jake Laub, the publisher, and co-authors Nikki Vilella and Emily Stone, to get some insight on their vision and how this came this concept came into play.

 Read the full review and Q&A here.

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