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An Essential Companion for Dedicated Yogis

As yoga students, we frequently encounter challenging poses that remind us why we love yoga. Yet how much time do we get to spend on these dynamic shapes while in class? Five minutes? Ten? We crave knowledge. We seek inspiration. We want to get into it.

Visvamitrasana Technique iPad ScreenshotVisvamitrasana: Volume 1 of the Sage Series is an interactive, audio/video e-book that explores the many facets of this intricate pose. The book includes an in-depth breakdown of Visvamitrasana and its variations, a rigorous class in preparation for the pose, a retelling of the legend of the sage Visvamitra, and a discussion of how his story can help us understand the purpose of yoga.

Whether you are a yoga teacher or a dedicated yogi, this is an essential companion for discovering, studying and practicing this powerful posture.

Take a Tour of the Book (2min.)

A Resource for Students – This book is an opportunity to spend quality time with Visvamitrasana away from the pressures of a packed studio. If you are new to the pose, this is a comprehensive introduction and a resource you can revisit as needed. If the pose unfolds for you naturally, this is a chance to refine and evolve your practice through dedicated self-study.

A Guide for Teachers – The sage poses are as much a challenge to teach as to do. This volume includes the following resources for teachers:

  • Clear cues for Visvamitrasana and three modifications
  • Ideas for creative warm-up and sequencing, including 45min, 60min and 90min class options
  • Insights into the mythology and spiritual power of the pose for you to share with your students

These tools can help you teach Visvamitrasana more effectively and take your class to the next level. If you currently teach this pose or would like to start, this is an invaluable guide.

How to Use this Volume

Visvamitrasana: Volume 1 of the Sage Series is an Inflextion™ publication that combines text, video, audio and links to help make studying yoga outside the studio as intuitive and engaging as possible. Unlike traditional books that have a beginning, middle and end, Visvamitrasana is divided into five sections that can be read in any order.

Class Introduction & Intention: Meet your teacher, Nikki Vilella, and read a brief meditation to help focus your practice.

Guided Audio Class: Enjoy a complete 90-minute audio class. If you have trouble following Nikki at any point, use the Class Sequence Links to quickly refer to the pose descriptions in the Class Sequence section. Also included in this section are two 45-minute class options and one 65-minute class option.

Class Sequence: Watch video, see photos and read cues for each of the poses in the Guided Audio Class. While exploring this section, tap the Pose Technique and Pose Variations buttons for in-depth explanations and modifications and tap the embedded audio clips for the pronunciation of Sanskrit pose names.

Visvamitrasana Technique & Variations: Pratice the full Visvamitrasana pose and two Visvamitrasana variations with detailed diagrams and step-by-step instructions describing how to get into and out of these challenging poses. As a close relative to Visvamitrasana, Seated Compass Pose Technique is also included in this section.

Studying the Sage Poses & the Legend of Visvamitra: Explore the intellectual and mythical aspects of Visvamitrasana through two essays by yogic scholar Emily Stone – an introduction to studying the sage poses and their stories, and an epic (and at times humorous) retelling of the Visvamitra legend.

About the Sage Series

The sage poses (Visvamitrasana, Vasisthasana, Astavakrasana and Marichiasana, to name a few), represent not only some of the most dynamic and intricate arm balances in all of yoga, but also the poise, grace and stillness of seated postures. Visvamitrasana is the first volume in a larger project called the Sage Series, and will soon be followed by volumes focused on other sage poses such as Astavakrasana, Koundinyasana and Marichiasana.

About the Authors

Nikki Vilella (Yoga Teacher & Co-Owner of Kula Williamsburg)

Nikki VilellaNikki has been practicing yoga for more than a decade and teaching at Kula Yoga Project in New York City since 2006. In 2010 she opened Kula Williamsburg alongside Schuyler Grant in her home borough of Brooklyn.

As a teacher, her goal is to weave precise physical movement, intelligence, and intention into one sweaty, uplifting experience. A self-proclaimed movement junkie, Nikki also firmly believes that in the silence of “not doing,” in a space that does not harbor our habitual distractions, we can begin to know how we truly feel and begin to see things more clearly. It is the juxtaposition of these opposites – movement and stillness, doing and not doing – that she tries to blend seamlessly into her Kula Flow classes. Learn more at


Emily Stone (Yoga Teacher & Yogic Scholar) 

Emily StoneBorn in New Orleans and raised in Brooklyn, Emily Stone has been teaching yoga and yoga philosophy since 2006. A former high school Latin teacher, she instantly fell in love not only with the intricate, transformative and healing practices of asana, but also with the mythology and theosophy behind them.

Emily is currently a senior teacher at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center both in New York City and San Francisco (where she also teaches their teacher training) and Prema Yoga Brooklyn. She holds an MFA in creative writing from Hunter College and a BA from Oberlin College. She has been awarded residencies by Yaddo, Blue Mountain Center and the Constance Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts. Her book “Did Jew Know” is forthcoming in 2013 from Chronicle Books.