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About the Class

Unwind After Work contains a 45-minute yoga class designed to reinvigorate you after hours of sitting and help you transition from a stress-filled day at the office to a peaceful night at home.

Class begins with a series of softening poses on the floor, gradually builds to challenging standing postures including lunges and balances, and winds down with stretches and a final relaxation. This is an opportunity for you to restore muscular strength, increase circulation and refocus your mind. By the end of class we hope you can close the door of the office and truly unwind.

Class Length: 45 minutes
Class Level: Intermediate / Advanced

About the Book

This book combines text, video, audio and links to help make exercising at home as easy and intuitive as possible. Follow along to a complete guided audio class, stop instruction for additional explanations whenever you want, learn pose variations with the touch of a button and watch video to better understand movement techniques and longer sequences.

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About the Authors

Cristina Tarantola (Yoga Teacher)

Cristina TarantolaI see the practice of yoga as an offering of the heart, where movement and breath are the tools to connect with the truest sense of Self.

When I first started practicing yoga almost a decade ago, I was attracted by the physical practice. I soon realized that yoga requires not just a strong body but also a focused mind and breath to attain a higher sense of consciousness.

I offer what moves me. My classes are slow flowing but intense and creative with a strong emphasis on alignment learned from my extensive studies with Alison West, Schuyler Grant, David Regelin, Alex Auder and most recently Nevine Michaan. You can find me teaching in New York City at Bend and Bloom, Katonah Yoga and Yoga Union and occasionally at Kula Yoga Project.

Contact me at cristina@cristinatarantola.com.


Jeremy Baber, MSPT, CSCS  (Founder of Rekinetics™)

Jeremy BaberI am a physical therapist, passionate educator and avid exerciser with extensive rehabilitation experience in sports physical therapy, dance medicine, and the treatment of chronic pain. I have mended the bodies of professional athletes, traveled the country as a physical therapist for Broadway shows and even toured the globe with a famous rock n’ roll band.

Throughout this professional journey I have been blessed to study with master clinicians from a variety of fields. The Rekinetics™ system incorporates all that I have learned, blending leading-edge concepts from physical medicine, neuroscience, physical rehabilitation and athletic development.

My philosophy as a healing professional is based upon the concept of homeostasis. Homeostasis refers to the body’s tendency to seek and maintain balance by adjusting its physiology. I learned a very important lesson early on – the human body is the strongest healer of them all. Every facet of the Rekinetics™ system is an extension of this powerful truth.

Learn more at www.rekinetics.com or contact me at jeremy@rekinetics.com