Publishing with Inflextion is a collaborative process. We help you every step of the way as you turn your knowledge it into a fantastic book.


What Inflextion Provides:


  • Book positioning (messaging strategy, content focus, length and pricing, etc)
  • Book structure (content flow, media elements, etc)


  • Filming and audio recording
  • Photography and graphical elements
  • In-depth editing and writer support
  • Content integration (“putting it all together”)


  • Graphic design (cover, interior layout and graphics)
  • File generation (interactive PDF, .mobi, .epub)
  • Device optimization (Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, etc)


  • Publication in the Inflextion online store
  • Publication on digital distribution channels (Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, etc)
  • SELECT BOOKS: Physical book printing (wholesale print-on-demand)
  • SELECT BOOKS: Access to bookstores throughout the country


  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing copy
  • Marketing collateral (flyers, postcards, etc)
  • Website or landpage
  • Press release
  • Media outreach
  • E-mail campaign(s)
  • Search and social media advertising
  • Other internal and external marketing
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