The Core Publishing Package includes book strategy, development, packaging and publishing (click here for more information) as well as basic marketing.

The extent of marketing will include at minimum: marketing strategy, marketing copy, and one or more pieces of marketing collateral.

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The Extended Publishing and Marketing Package includes all book strategy, development, packaging, publishing and marketing components (click here for more information).

In particular, Inflextion will work with authors to market their book and business through media outreach, advertising and other creative marketing strategies.

For more information and a quote, please contact Inflextion.

Textbook and Training Manual Development includes content strategy, development, and packaging for course-sponsored educational materials.

Inflextion works with training programs to create a dynamic course manual while simultaneously repurposing a portion of this content into retail books under the Core or Extended Publishing Packages.

For more information and a quote, please contact Inflextion.

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