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Ride harder. Feel better.

This is a book about how the practice of yoga increases the strength, endurance, balance and flexibility of both the body and mind for cycling.

You are a biker, so you know how to move fast. Fast legs, fast mind, fast forward. Stop a moment. How well do you know yourself relaxed? How balanced can your training program be if you only go fast?

Slowing down will make going faster easier. Yoga teaches calm during exertion and ease during pain. When the world is speeding by and your heart is pounding in your ears, your yoga practice will be there to slow your mind and offer you strong, smooth inhales and exhales.

What’s Inside

Mind Body Bike merges text, audio and video in a single volume designed to teach both theory and practice. The book includes:

Yoga Philosophy for Bikers (text) – Explore the concept of slowing down to speed up

Guided Visualizations (audio & text) – Fine tune your awareness and strengthen the neuromuscular pathways employed during cycling

Pre-Ride Warm Up (audio, video & text) – Wake up your body and build heat with this 20min. sequence

Post-Ride Cool Down & Stretch (audio, video & text) – Stretch and relax your muscles with this 30min. sequence

Off-Day Yoga Class (audio, video & text) – Cross-train essential muscle groups and speed recovery with this 60min. sequence

Take a Tour of the Book (2min.)

Note: The On the Bike pose section shown in this video has been removed from the ebook

Yoga For All Levels

The yoga sequences in this book are appropriate for all levels – whether you are brand new to yoga or have an existing practice – and include photos, videos and clear explanations for every pose.

About the Author

Andrew Belcher chases his dreams atop two wheels, courageously careening around blind corners bustling with life and opportunity. He is a 500-hour registered yoga teacher trained at Yogaworks in New York City and can be found teaching yoga at Yogaworks, Brooklyn Boulders and Shambhala Yoga and Dance. His popular Bike + Yoga workshops feature a creative combination of cycling, yoga, anatomy and philosophy.

Andrew is an administrator and teaching artist in NYC public schools with Enact as well as the Artistic Director of MassBliss, a project that combines creative storytelling and experiential learning to bring participants closer to that which gives them meaning and joy. Andrew is also a member of Enthuse Theater and works an actor and playwright. He is from Ashley Falls, Mass., and now resides in Brooklyn.