Thanks to Emma at The Joy of Yoga for her interview with Jake Laub on Visvamitrasana: Vol. 1 of the Sage Series and Inflextion’s upcoming books. Here’s an excerpt:

Inflextion Publishing is coming out with a series of e-books, each book about a single yoga pose. Why did you decide to go with this publishing model? Additionally, how did you go about deciding what poses to begin delving into?

Every yoga pose is so much more than just a shape, and we wanted to translate that concept into a book series. In the world of digital yoga, there is a lot about doing – YouTube clips, class podcasts, etc – but there is less focus on the context and insight that makes what we do in yoga so meaningful and interesting.

This book series aims to bridge that gap. Yes, each volume includes an audio/video class building up to a pose, but it also begins to explore the full body of knowledge around the pose – physically and mentally, on the mat and off. On a practical level: How do I get into this pose? What is the proper alignment? What are variations? On a more spiritual/intellectual level: What life lessons can I learn from the pose? What are the mythological and philosophical
underpinnings of the pose? And then for teachers: How can I sequence for this pose? How do different types of students approach the pose differently?

We began with a more advanced pose like Visvamitrasana because there is so much depth to the pose, yet so little time is dedicated to it in a class setting. You might see it once or twice a year and only spend a few frustrating minutes on it.

And if the pose is a challenge for you, the beauty of this resource is that you can come back to it over and over again as you evolve as a yogi. Trust me, it will put those five minutes of frustration in that arm balance class in perspective! Co-author Emily Stone would say: You don’t need to be able to get into the pose to embody the wisdom of the sage Visvamitra. As with anything in yoga, it’s much more about learning, aspiring and practicing than achieving.

Read the full interview here.

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