Matrika Prenatal: A Gentle Practice for Pregnant Women

with Sharon Rudyk

The book includes step-by-step instructions for yoga, breathing and relaxation exercises that can be practiced by women in all weeks of pregnancy. No experience is necessary to enjoy this basic practice designed to help you tone your body, relieve stress and connect with the precious new life you carry within you.

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Yoga Resource Practice Manual

with Darren Rhodes

All rolled into one, the Yoga Resource Practice Manual is a reference work, an instructional guide, a photo library, and a collection of Darren Rhodes’ personal anecdotes from over two decades of practice and more than a decade of teaching. Whether you are a brand new beginner interested in learning step-by-step practice instructions, or a seasoned practitioner looking to take your practice to the next level with advanced tips and techniques, this eBook has something for you.

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Mind Body Bike

Yoga and the Art of Slowing Down to Speed Up

This is a book about how the practice of yoga increases the strength, endurance, balance and flexibility of both the body and mind for cycling.

You are a biker, so you know how to move fast. Fast legs, fast mind, fast forward. Stop a moment. How well do you know yourself relaxed? How balanced can your training program be if you only go fast?

Slowing down will make going faster easier. Yoga teaches calm during exertion and ease during pain. When the world is speeding by and your heart is pounding in your ears, your yoga practice will be there to slow your mind and offer you strong, smooth inhales and exhales.

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Volume 1 of the Sage Series

As yoga students, we frequently encounter challenging poses that remind us why we love yoga. Yet how much time do we get to spend on these dynamic shapes while in class? Five minutes? Ten? We crave knowledge. We seek inspiration. We want to get into it.

Visvamitrasana: Volume 1 of the Sage Series is an interactive, audio/video e-book that explores the many facets of this complex pose. The book includes an in-depth breakdown of Visvamitrasana and its variations, a rigorous class in preparation for the pose, a retelling of the legend of the sage Visvamitra, and a discussion of how his story can help us understand the purpose of yoga.

Whether you are a yoga teacher or a dedicated yogi, this is an essential companion for discovering, studying and practicing this powerful posture.

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Unwind After Work

Poses to Strengthen, Lengthen, and Undo Hours of Sitting

Unwind After Work contains a 45-minute yoga class designed to reinvigorate you after hours of sitting and help you transition from a stress-filled day at the office to a peaceful night at home.

Class begins with a series of softening poses on the floor, gradually builds to challenging standing postures including lunges and balances, and winds down with stretches and a final relaxation. This is an opportunity for you to restore muscular strength, increase circulation and refocus your mind. By the end of class we hope you can close the door of the office and truly unwind.

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