Our Books

Inflextion is a publishing company that develops interactive books for active readers. Our health and wellness titles combine text, graphics, audio and video to effectively tell stories, educate readers and teach technique. Readers can load Inflextion books on an e-reading or mobile device and view them anywhere.

Our Focus

Inflextion books focus on physical fitness, mental well-being, and injury prevention/rehabilitation with an emphasis on practical application. Our specialty is yoga – from class-oriented titles to encyclopedic works and teacher training manuals.

Our Mission

Inflextion helps inspiring teachers create engaging books that enable readers to improve their bodies and minds.

  • Find Great Teachers: At the start of every journey is a teacher. We seek to find those who can inspire readers to new heights.
  • Teach Great Techniques: Technique adds structure and purpose to our movement. We seek to highlight thoughtful, organized approaches that build toward greater and greater goals.
  • Facilitate Practice, Practice, Practice: We are what we repeatedly do. We seek to give readers the tools to extend their practice beyond the classroom.
  • Make Knowledge Accessible: Health and wellness is something every person should have the opportunity to experience. We seek to make our books affordable and understandable.